Private boat cruise in Spetses and Porto Heli

If you just want to spend a day in the water, away from crowded beaches, this itinerary should be your choice!

You will start your day by visiting exploring the beautiful coast line of Kranidi and visiting the spectacular Berberonta bay for swimming and enjoying a beautiful scenery. Our second destination will be Spetses Island, exploring hidden and secluded beaches accessible only by boat! 

Our final stop will be Chinitsa island just for a beautiful afternoon swim watching a memorable sunset!

A Few more words about Spestes!

Spetses is a historical island located in the Saronic Gulf famous for its nautical and cultural tradition. A great number of architectural marvels adorn the charming capital of Spetses and create a nostalgic atmosphere which is essential in every Greek region. Spetses is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, a pole of attraction for many renowned artists and famous celebrities. Moreover, Spetses is the birthplace of many heroic figures who took part in the Greek Revolution like Laskarina Bouboulina, the house of whom is open to the visitors, as a museum. The island is surrounded by picturesque small bays, traditional settlements and beautiful houses. A stroll around the narrow streets of the capital will give you an amazing feeling and will lead you to the historic churches and monasteries which give astonishing views to the sea and the surrounding regions.

 The tiny port of Dapia is overlooked by whitewashed, Neoclassical houses and fringed by smart cafés and stylish boutiques. This is an island where your senses immediately come alive: the air, refreshingly warm, carries the smell of the sea one moment, then freshly baked pastries the next. Locals drink their espressos and frappés as they play backgammon in the shade and eye the latest arrivals climbing out of the red-and-white water taxis.

The island has an authentic charm, having remained relatively undiscovered by visitors despite only being a two-hour boat ride from Piraeus. The island is particularly popular with high-society Athenians, who retreat to their villas every summer to escape the stifling heat of the city. Renting a boat will help you wander around the island (as no cars are allowed here) and pay some visits to the cosmopolitan bay of Porto Heli right across, in the mainland of Peloponesse.

While a couple of beaches and pretty churches are within walking distance of Dapia, it is well worth climbing into a water taxi or hiring a moped to explore the island.


While a couple of beaches and pretty churches are within walking distance of Dapia, (the center of Spetses) it is well worth to explore the other beached of the island .On Spetses Island, the visitor can find popular and organized beaches like Agia Marina beach and Scholes beach but also beaches which combine tranquility and untouched natural scenery like Vrellos beach and Agioi Anargyroi beach, both of which are not only among the best beaches in Spetses, Greece, but also in the entire Argosaronic Islands’ complex. Even for those who enjoy absolute relaxation there are beaches just a step away from their door, like Agios Mamas and Ligoneri beach.

Private boat cruise in Spetses and Porto Heli